The coat of arms of the Château de Cormatin

Château de Cormatin

A stay full of attractions, art and delights

Surrounded by wide moats, the chateau, built from 1606 onwards, impresses by the monumentality of its military style facades. It contains an architectural feat, an empty 21m high staircase, the oldest and largest in this technique.

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The cabinet of Saint Cecilia
The cabinet of Saint Cecilia

Sumptuous apartments

The apartments, painted, sculpted and gilded with splendour in 1627-28, offer the most complete and best preserved testimony to the decorative art of the time of Marie de Médicis. Furniture, paintings, tapestries and period objects make the evocation very attractive.

The apartments

The ceiling of the Marquise’s bedchamber
The ceiling of the Marquise’s bedchamber

A 17th century styled park

Over 10 hectares, the gardens, which have been restored since 1990, offer the different ambiences of a park dating back to the early 17th century: a vast flowerbed, a boxwood labyrinth with an aviary - belvedere, groves, a green theatre, a vegetable garden and water features.

The gardens