The Château de Fléchères, another Cormatin

Some 60 km south of Cormatin, on the left bank of the Saône and very close to Villefranche sur Saône (6 km), lies another magnificent place to visit, where the architecture, interior decoration and nature itself will surely enchant you..

The Château de Fléchères

The chateau from the entrance courtyard
The chateau from the entrance courtyard

Contemporary of Cormatin

Since 1998, we have undertaken the restoration of the spectacular chateau of Fléchères, the grandest residence in the Lyon region.

An exact contemporary of Cormatin (1606 - 1626), built in one go and preserved intact, Fléchères is an exemplary witness to the way of life of the great notables of Lyon in the age of Louis XIII.

The frescoes at Fléchères
The frescoes at Fléchères

Frescoes of an Italian villa

The frescoes by Pietro Ricchi (1606 - 1675), which we have uncovered in ten rooms, under plaster and panelling, show the close links which then existed between Lyon and Italy. It is the most varied and extensive collection of civil pictorial decoration of this period which you can see in France: you are in an Italian villa at the gates of Lyon!

The chateau equally showcases some suberb carved stone fireplaces (from around 1630), a vast balustraded staircase, panelled Louis XV rooms and some very picturesque kitchens.

The chateau and its park
The chateau and its park

The park

The 40 hectare park offers the visitor water features, magnificient trees, parterres and dozens of topiary box and yew.